The plucky and happy-go-lucky Dragonborn Bard


Level 5 Dragonborn Bard, armed with light shield and scimitar.


Kava is a native to the great state of Blistonia. Born and raised in the noble houses surrounding the citadel among the cities most elite Dragonborn, his father; a veteran of the Great War & a renowned merchant, taught him the virtues of hard work, diligence and respect. Since a young age Kava had proven to be a silver tongued trickster, endeared to the arts.

Shortly after the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kava entered his compulsory military service. It was during this time their great house was brought low and their holdings stripped. The circumstances surrounded this sudden turn of luck are not fully known to this day.

Suddenly a pauper with few allies among the merchant houses and nobles of Blistonia, Kava continued his military service beyond the minimum time required, eventually being promoted to Corporal and given command of a squad. His love of the arts bloomed- his own performances stirring the hearts of those serving him.

A brave and noble spirit with a streak of mischief- Kava stood tall among the military.

His love for Blistonia and its people is well renowned, despite the inauspicious circumstances around his fall from power and wealth. Residing in his heart along side this love is a desire to see the world and all of the wonder it may possess.


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