"…When I was as young as you lot I did my own share of travelling. We marched from the West gate to The Mill in under 4 days! Green, they called us, but we sure put the shoulder to the wheel and showed them all. I’ve seen the Forest of the north, and up further where the sea is stilled by the cold. You’d not believe it until ye saw it, lads. Until you look down and realise that you’ve been slogging the last mile in the frozen waves of the ocean and you may be leading your men to their watery graves, you could not tell it from the broken hardpan of the unfertile tundra beyond the forest. – Reminiscent rambling of Ikoread, Barkeep at The Soldier of Fortune

The places and locations of interest in the known world.

Blistonia State

Historic Locations

  1. : Blistonia(City)
  2. : Blistonia(State) – Link to Map
  3. : False Hope Ranges, The
  4. : Great Wastes, The
  5. : Kaldin’s Cliffs
  6. : Mill, The
  7. : Mining Town
  8. : Northern Forest, The


  1. : Mining Town Trade Station
  2. : Soldier of Fortune, The

Residences and Camps

  1. : Barracks
  2. : West Road, The


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