The Blistonia Conflict

Escape the Terrarium

Holy hell a lot happens in 2 weeks.

  • After escaping Tarokan’s terrarium, they found their way back up the mine into the caves.
  • wandering around they found a room laced with webs which they were not keen to enter – despite seeing shiny objects inside
  • They left the cave after returning to some rooms to collect more mushroom.
  • The party returned to town and laid low for a while. Kava, Seven, and Grokduul collected their enchanted items, and they mostly kept a low profile, picking up the gold drops from Edwin and the gang.
  • On one of the last drops, Edwin revealed that he had a favour to ask. Approaching Grokduul in a tavern he shared that he had an artifact for them to keep safe for them for some time.
  • After a discussion, the party offered to keep it for Edwin, as part of a business arrangement.
  • Kava kept it safe, but the next day Edwin returned, anxious. Haffar was sick, and Bourne was dead. Edwin also did not look well.
  • A fellow by the name of Toox joined them that night – an inquistor, with links to high people and ways to get information
  • Kava and Grokduul like the man straight away, and he joined them on their journey.
  • Viridian did some research, and found that the coin is a cursed item – it’s a Bone Medalion, and infects those who use it with the disease of greed.
  • In his reasearch they found that it was now bound to Edwin and would suck the life from him.
  • They went to the docks, to meet Edwin, and see how Haffa was doing. It ends up not well – upon their arrival, Haffa’s life had expired. Grokduul was tending to the dead when it lashed out at him.
  • Only recently awoken it was weak, and quickly subdued. It was not a good sign, for it meant that Bourne was growing in strength by the day.
  • They rushed to the temple of Kord and had the Priest, Teleserath (Telly to everyone he introduces himself to) smite the medallion. After a struggle, the medallion was contained.
  • Edwin was gravely wounded in the struggle, but he is recovering in the temple. His son, Jim came to his side, and the party recognised this as the man they rescued from the forest a few weeks ago
  • Telly revealed that likely the Medallion had split Bourne’s soul, and he was likely an undead creature now. He cast a powerful detect undead ritual and sent the party to clear it out.
  • The party found the reckoner, once Bourne, now with a small collection of undead. The greedy reckoner was a precarious foe to battle.
  • With the power of Kord they smote a second medallion. Val was briefly infected with the disease, but his pure will and dwarven fortitude helped him beat the disease all of his own accord.
  • That night
Terrarium under the Glass Dome
  • Making their way to the markets they sold the surplus of supplies that they had gathered from the ship. The exotic rations went at a great profit.
  • Kava sought out a Tavern, and they rented the whole top floor, and stashed their goods.
  • Looking to upgrade their gear, Kava and Grokduul and Seven found a master arcane smith who bid them to fine additional materials so that he could create the masterwork item Grokduul craved.
  • Setting off with the whole party, they headed east to the forests looking for a particular cave where the Smith’s apprentice had gone missing.
  • They came upon a simple man, Jim, who had been wounded by Bandits. Upon fixing him up, Jim promised them great reward if they were to bring him the ear of the bandit leader as revenge.
  • Venturing in to the forest, the party found the cave – decending in to it’s depths was unnerving. An arcane glow eminated from within.
  • The whole tunnel system of the caves was awash with a crystal/glass surface, the light filtered through it from a bright source, lighting the whole cave in a yellowish gloom.
  • Kava’s party entered an antechamber and were ambushed by Giant Blade spiders. Barely fighting them off, Hotaru was mortally wounded. Kava’s magic was able to restore him.
  • More carefully now, the party ventured deeper in to the caves, harvesting ingredients as they went – Mushrooms that grew on the magical luminescence of the cave walls.
  • Up ahead, the more perceptive of the group spied a small blueish creature, giggling in the dark ahead. When they arrived, all signs of it were gone.
  • They discovered a room which defied the gravity; Seven climbed to the roof and was able to walk about there, without hindrance. Kava harvested more mushrooms.
  • They came upon a room brightly lit with Yellow mushrooms growing straight out of the Crystal. After Kava harvested a good few, he saw an amazing sight – through the floor of the glass he could see fathoms below him, an island in an ocean.
  • Onward, they came upon an abandoned mine staging area. It was covered in the same glass, but Val spotted a door behind the glass. With a swing of his warhammer he attempted to smash his way through the glass. Hundreds of shards flew into him, and the room began to collapse around the party
  • They each ran in different directions. Seeing no option, Seven and Val dived through the hole made in the glass to the door on the other side. Kava, Grokduul and Horaru ran down different passages. The glass passages collapsed behind them barely grazing Hotaru and Kava.
  • Grokduul was not so lucky. His dwarf legs unable to carry him fast enough, the collapsing tunnel overtook him and he was pinned under a large slab of razor sharp glass.
  • With all his strength, Grokduul escaped the glass slab with only minor abrasions, and counting himself lucky he returned to the room to find out the fate of the others.
  • Seven and Val began to excavate their way out of the glass prison that had collapsed around them. Seven caused a small avalanche of glass, barely getting out before a tonne of glass collapsed in his space.
  • Grokduul, Kava and Hotaru convened out side of where Seven and Val were now trapped. Unable to see them through the refractions of the 15 foot of glass-a-lanche, Kava set about performing a ritual to remove the glass and find the fate of their friends
  • Val shouted to the others, and his booming voice set off yet another tumble of glass – this time the wall of glass infront of them pinned them to the wall and both Seven and Val took great blows.
  • Kava restarted his ritual and after an hour they had them out. Behind the door, a drop to a deep pit, perhaps a long ago used mine shaft.
  • Reckoning that this may lead down to the island they had seen below, the party ventured down. Seven went first, and was confronted with a pixie. The Ethereal creature asked him his name, and without divulging any information it left.
  • Kava and Grokduul fell from their ropes, but were lucky with their landings. Bruised but otherwise OK, they pushed on.
  • Wandering the dark shaft for nearly an hour, they came upon the sound of a river. Following it, they came to an entrance where the river flowed over a precipice and into an underground sea.
  • The view that was before them was breathtaking – an underground world. In the ceiling a glittering jewel as bright as the sun lit the cave, and the walls were encrusted with mushrooms of various colors, painting a seascape around the island.
  • The island itself appeared to be the tip of a volcanic crater. There was birdlife, and clouds, and the party could make out wildlife on the island, and more amazing – houses!
  • The blue pixie once again appeared and after a short parley, was wooed enough by the party to take them on a tour of his island – his name was Tarokan
  • Summoning a magical flying rowboat, the pixie flew them around his Terrarium (as he lovingly called it) and told them about it’s history and his favourite parts
  • After a while, it became clear to the party that Tarokan fancied himself as a god of these people and was feeding off them – using the Terrarium to steal their soul power for his own use.
  • Realising the plight of these people, but finding no point in the flight where they’d have the upper hand on the Pixie, the party did not act.
  • After returning to the top of the waterfall (Tarokan now visibly upset that they must leave, and not accepting his hospitality) Kava attempted to tackle him.
  • The ethereal nature of the creature defied him, and Kava was thrown into the rushing river below, and was immediately swept by the rushing tide towards the waterfall’s edge.

more to be added later

The Daemon House
  • Grokduul fought the magic of the Priests guild, but succumbed – he imagined his escape, all the while it was drainging him, sucking from him his energy
  • Viridian escaped the house, and searched the city up and down looking for Kava. Once they heard they came at a run. Hours had already passed.
  • Whilst in Limbo, Grokduul had learnt that he was in a magical maze, and that it was the construct of a mage by the name of Chambesi. He had created this prison with the help of deamons to suck out magical power from the world, but they had tricked him – it was draining him.
  • Upon their arrival, Kava and Tevach burst into the building and chased a man in the dark, trying to capture him and find information on Grokduul’s whereabouts.
  • They cornered him, and the man ducked in to a side room. Tevach leapt in behind him, only to have the door close and lock.
  • Locked in with the man, Tevach threatened him for information about Grokduul. When Tevach realised he was locked in, the Man, who appeared as a simple peasant, informed him that it was a magic lock, and would only open if he addressed the door as friends, and knew his name.
  • Tevach told the man his name, and the he then addressed the door;
    “We approach as friends, this man Tevach, and I, Chambesi”
  • Chambesi then escaped the prison, freed by creating his replacement. Tevach, much weaker magically, was sucked dry within a minute, and the deamon house shifted planes.
  • Kava, realising the magic, saw through the illusion, but was unable to free Tevach. Looking for another way, he went around the prison and found the room which now held Grokduul. The prison’s spell broken, as it had garnered it’s soul prize, Kava and Grokduul escaped.
  • Kava, distraught that he had left a man behind, stopped Grokduul and they had to turn back – but the hour was late, and Kava had a drop to get to, to exchange gems for gold.
  • They left the city and slept outside – Seven was concerned about the guard presence at night, recognising him for the murder of the men in the park.
  • Upon the morn, they came upon a drunk revenant – Hutura. They proceeded to the Markets together, to sell their stocked rations and plan their next move.
  • Everyone split up. God help us.
  • Tevach and Kava went about organising a racket to sell off their gems and gold taken from the treasuries of Blistonia
  • Grokduul and Veridian set about finding the Priests guild, and proceeded to get lost in an illusion.
  • Seven killed several men posing as guards whilst defending the carts of loot
  • Val stayed aboard the ship back in James town, trying to investigate the murder of Siraq Caspian.
Murder in the dark
  • During the night, a murder took place. Noone on watch saw what happened
  • The Rune priest, Val, went to investigate
  • The Captain, Kava, went to a nearby wreck, and was assaulted by Trogoladyes, barely escaping
  • Grokduul scuttled the wreck, and they headed for port
  • After a few hours they came across a small fishing village. Many of the civilians aboard left here.
  • The party, with thier hidden riches, travelled inland along the river to the kings city of Modraddor (or something like that)
The Open Sea
  • Fiona took the Raven’s Fury southward, where frayed lines and ropes let the small vessel aground.
  • She was looking for her family, to see if they were safe after the war.
  • After days of no eating and drink, Fiona passed out
  • Her only thought was to make it to shore – to swim the 500 meters or so.
  • About halfway, her body gave out, and her lungs filled with water.
  • Her Dying thoughts, she still thought only of her family, and prayed to her god.
  • Meanwhile in the ensuing battle, Squad 16 took command of the Kraken’s Fancy, and steered her towards the bay.
  • Cutting off smaller ships and racing out of the bay, they came at odds with another war vessel
  • Narrowly getting through the narrow bay entrance, and taking a lot of damage from running up against a grounded ship, the party escaped Blistonia
  • They fled from the storm cloud of death in the sky, into the open seas.
  • There they discovered a Rune Priest, (Francis) and a Wizard (Craig – Veridian) whom they quickly gave responsibilities.
  • Whilst they were all below deck, the storm crept up on them, unleashing it’s fury and tossing the boat about for hours.
  • When they surfaced, it was nighttime, and they could see wreckage strewn about the now calm waters.
  • In amongst the wreckage, not far from them is the capsized shape of another vessel.
  • Also in the not to distant distance, they can see land… these are not the cliffs of Blistonia.
The Fall of Blistonia

“……” - .

Tevach was washing in the bathhouse when 3 dragonborn assassins snuck up on him and attempted to end him. Caught naked an unawares he was very nearly dismembered by the crew before they were cut down by Kava and Seven who intervened just in time.

Kaldin and his soldiers departed the Citadel to reinforce a breach to the south, and left Grokduul and Fiona with instruction to defend the Citadel until his return. They left to fetch the rest of the squad and returned to the Citadel, now empty. Seven went to the roof, and found a pedestal with a bunch of gems on it and started to press them. Inadvertently he set off an explosion to the North of the city, killing hundreds of Blistonian troops and destroying the walls, allowing a horde of Orcs to stream in to the city. Infighting began in the northern parts of the city.

Kaldin, astride his dragon, returned from the battle at the south, and left immediately to try and stem the flow of greenskins breaching the city. Alone and unprotected, Kaldin and his Dragon bravely fought and scorched the earth, pushing the Orcs back. A final volley of arrows put down the dragon, and Kaldin also fell – disappearing into the inferno below he had created.

Meanwhile the city walls to the west had also been breached. Squad 16 took it upon themselves to use the pedestal, which Kaldin had expressly asked them not to touch, to try and hold the city. Activating the magic gems, thousands of orcs perished in fire and arcane bursts caused by the pedestal. In a final burst of inspiration, they used the center gem which shattered the pedestal and lit up the city with magical energy and burnt the whole city in a flash of bale-fire. The final act of the city’s magical defenses extinguished the flames and pushed the attackers back.

Squad 16 made a break for it, Fiona leaving for the docks to fid her family in a fishing town to the south. The rest of the squad went to the treasury to loot the city for as much of it’s wealth as they could carry – inflicting many wounds from traps on the way. They made their way to the docks, and commandeered the Kraken’s Fancy.

Behind them, the Orc horde have raised a magical storm, and are intent on catching them in the docks.

Squad 16 reinforce the Citadel

Moving south from the Northern barracks, Kora lead squad 16 along the docks.

They ran in to a host of Orcs, who were teleported in to the street.

A squad of soldiers rounded the corner, containing Kava and Grokduul who had been missing.

Sgt Kora rounded up the troops and Kuri before heading back north to hold the barracks. Corporal Kava and the rest of Squad 16 headed south back to the Citadel and fought some more Orcs at the gates.

They went in and Fiona gave her report. Grokduul headed upstairs and Spoke with Kaldin about Thornton’s passing.

Tevach headed to the Bath houses to get cleaned up, and he’s been surrounded by assailants.
To be continued…

The Battle for the Northern Barracks
  • Squad 16 moved along the streets, dispersing civilians and rioters, and making a B-line for the barracks.
  • not far from the barracks they came across a squad of veteran Dragonborn High Command, who were being mobbed by a group of civilians, in particular by two large men.
  • Squad 16 raced to the aide of the Dragonborn, but only arrived to the charred remains of the fallen. Fiona was able to heal one of the Dragonborn back to health – Sergeant K something.
  • He stressed that he had been trying to reach the Northern Barracks as well, but had become cut off, and were being harrassed by the people because of his rank and status. They hadnt been able to penetrate the sheer number of people.
  • Kuri expressed the orders that no quarter was to be given to anyone standing in their way. The sergeant took it upon himself to strike fear in to the hearts of the mob by striking at them with lightening. They fled, nearly trampling some of Squad 16.
  • The squad entered the barracks, and find the place filled with the murdered bodies of the soldiers who guarded it. Tevach recognised that there was battle signs of the Orcs, and informed the Sergeant.
  • After cleaning up the place, and re-fortifying it, they set a watch, and rested.
  • At first light, A squad of Orcs attacked. Squad 16 fought valiantly and fended them off, holding the barracks. All over Blistonia, signs of battle were breaking out – Psions reporting in that casualties and sectors have been overrun.
  • The Squad are awaiting orders from High Command at the Citadel
Squad 16 cleans up the streets
  • Tevach attempted to sell some of his stolen goods at a Fence, but killed everyone except the door man instead.
  • Kuri and Seven did some research and found some of the decendants of a old slave train that had come from the far west.
  • While Kuri and Seven investigated the Slaver lead, Tevach attempted to fence more goods. He barely escaped after agravating the fence and his guardsmen, but left with a pile’o’loot.
  • Kuri and Seven spoke with an old half-orc, Kaun, who explained to them a little about the society of the Orcs that he remembers.
  • They went to the Intelligence Room, in the citadel and were given new orders – clean up the streets and secure supply lines to the outlying barracks.
  • After some small conflicts with rioters and peasants, they finally made their way to the North Western Barracks.
  • Kuri directly and indirectly lead to the not-so-swift demise of 31 civilians and one rogue soldier.
  • There, the Psion was mortally wounded.
  • Kuri, now tapped in to the Blistonian Psychic Network, called for Aide, and was assisted by a high level healer to restore the Psion to health… almost.
  • Heralding new orders from the Citadel, Squad 16 prepared to march out to the Northern barracks, where all communication had stopped, days ago.

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