Veridian is Adam's Wizard.


L8 Wizard (Arcanist) Fire based war mage


Veridian grew up in the city of Blistonia, a child of a mediocre merchant. His father’s seventh son, he was able to choose his own path. Often overlooked in favour of his brothers, Veridian was able to spend his days absorbed in reading.

At the age of 13 he caught the attention of the Librarian Joran when he correctly informed a foreign merchant of the location and time of origin of a previously unidentified artifact. Joran, pleased at the child securing him additional income took the boy under his wing and gave him full access to the city’s dusty and unorganised libraries. In Veridian’s 16th year, Joran disappeared while on an expedition in the Northern Wastes. The expedition had been sponsored by a mysterious benefactor and Joran was needed to assist in the reclamation of a powerful artifact. No trace was ever found of the party of 50. Grieving and lost, Veridian turned his intellect to the arcane arts, vowing to one day find out what became of Joran.

While an outstanding historian, and capable mage in his own right, Veridian could never afford to attend the Blistonian Arcane University without a wealthy sponsor like Joran. Instead he chose the path of many before him and joined the Blistonian Guard, hoping to develop his skills in the arcane with practice rather than theory.

Veridian served as an attached War Mage in the Blistonian guard and directed his efforts into learning the skills that would allow him to survive in the harsh northlands. Without the resources of the Arcane University at hand, Veridian learned his skills through experimentation on his own. Reagents and components were rare, and many evenings Veridian could be found staring into the Barracks fireplace or campfire, spellbook open in front for him, testing arcane cantrips and combinations.

Slowly, manipulation of the flame came to him, and his talents were tested on the field of battle more than once. Eventually squad commanders began to allow him more time to practice his arts. His trademark became scorched earth left after an encounter. More than one group of bandits fled a mysteriously direct scrub fire in disarray only to stumble directly into a well planned ambush.

Once his time in the Blistonian guard was finished he returned to the city where he put his fire talents to use in the University’s manufactorum in exchange for access to the Univeristy’s records. While the other students of the university marveled as his control of the flame, there were mutterings that his home brewed incantations ‘tasted of sorcery’ and were not ‘the proper way of doing things’.

When the siege began he attempted to fight from the walls, but was deemed too dangerous to the city due to the scare water and uncontrollable nature of fire. Veridian decided that a well armed and armoured guard would be more effective than a single dangerous fire-mage. He descended to the city’s manafactorum to assist in the production of weapons for the civilian population. Without the days of siege he was simultaneously maintaining 5 separate forge fires without conventional fuel. While the armourers and weapon-smiths worked the metal, Veridian fed the flames with his power. Eventually, in the midst of the siege he collapsed, losing consciousness. One of the smiths, realising that the mage had fallen, gathered him up and took him to the infirmary.

Gaining consciousness some hours later in the infirmary, Veridian was caught up in the masses of people fleeing to the docks. He climbed aboard a likely ship, made his way below and curled up to rest in the ship’s hold. A cry awoke him, and he rose from the ships innards to discover a city aflame, and chaos in the harbour. Their boat was half way out and in danger of being crushed by the poorly steered vessels racing beside it. Veridian knew what his role was to be. He ascended the ships mage’s nest and drew on the power of the ship’s crystal.

His eyes alight, Veridian unleashed the cleansing flame in great gouts across the harbour, forcing the other boats into their wake. Those who ventured too close to The Kraken’s Fancy soon had other thoughts as spot fires broke out on their decks and their sails and rigging took flame.


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