Tall, red haired and fiery woman.



Fiona Aed was born in a western fishing village in the land of Blistonia.
She was born to Hemi and Fenyi Aed along with seven older brothers, who all lived in a small thatch roofed sea cottage. Unfortunately for Fiona her mother died giving birth to her but the love of her father and brothers made that easier to bear.

Hemi Aed was a fisherman by trade, working on his brothers boat and teaching the local boys how to fight on the side. He served in the Bilstonian army as a younger man and reached the rank lieutenant first class in squad 3, after several successful campaigns the call of the sea was too strong and moved back to his ancestral home to raise a family.

Being the youngest daughter of a family of seven boys was not the easiest life but Fiona took to it like a fish to water. You would think she would fill the void her mother left but this couldn’t be further from the truth, always the first to start a fight and more often than not finishing it too.

Fiona, like the whole family, worked on her uncles boat where her natural skill with a spear became quickly apparent. She became hardy, hard working and learned how to take an order because on the sea if you don’t do what your told quickly and without fuss then you’ll quickly find yourself on the bottom of the ocean.

The last major impact on Fiona’s young life was her religion. Fenyi Aed was a devout follower of the God Erathis, the God of the Sun and bountiful harvest. This devotion to Erathis seems to be the only thing she passed on to Fiona, well that and her fiery hair.

She prayed often and fervently before and after every successful fishing voyage and three times on Sunday. On the morning of a routine fishing trip Erathis showed himself to her and told her to avoid the oceans as any found in the sea that day would not return home. She was astonished but didn’t waste any time and informed her father who believed her without hesitation, her uncle was a different story. Her uncle argued was would have gone out without Fiona and her brothers but Fiona tied herself to the bow and would not let him leave.

Sure enough a huge storm rose up and not a single man or woman who went on the ocean that day was never seen again. From that day on Fiona knew she had to use her connection with her God to aid the people of Blistonia, so following in her fathers footsteps she joined the army the next day.


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