The Blistonia Conflict

The West Road

“…They say all kinds of things when you head out west. Mostly it’s just sand and more sand. Occasionally you get the odd stone or two, but as long as you stick to the road it’s alright. What no-one talks about is the mosquitoes. Those buggers will keep you up all night unless you cover yourself up right. Take him for instance, he’s too green to get it right on the first night; he’ll be flagging on the march by noon, don’t you just see if I’m right…” - Veteran guard, on the march out on the West Road

Squad 16 set out straight from the barracks that morning and passed through the gates of Blistonia Capital to the West road. The wastes stretched out beyond them for miles, and they knew the 4 day walk ahead would be anything but interesting.

On the morning of the second day they encountered a strange party in the fog – creatures that did not identify themselves and scampered from sight at the sound of the approaching guards. Keeping in mind their mission, they pressed on without searching for any nearby camp or settlement; nothing could live this far out in the wastes anyway. That night Kuri and Fiona sparred for a mild claim to close combat prowess (Both of them knew that the claim was only of intellectual value – Fiona’s strength laid in aiding others, and Kuri was a specialist in psychic combat, so the true titles belonged to the Drawves). A host of green skinned creatures ambushed them as all eyes turned towards the two sparring guards.

Despite being tired out from the hand to hand combat, once the ambushing host identified themselves as aggressive (the battle cries and frenzied charge did much to clarify that) Squad 16 effectively dispatched the greenskin crew in it’s entirety. Kuri performed a detailed surgical dissection and reported back to command via telepathy that there had been an unexpected encounter on the West Road, 5 hours march from Mining Town.



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