The Blistonia Conflict

The Open Sea

  • Fiona took the Raven’s Fury southward, where frayed lines and ropes let the small vessel aground.
  • She was looking for her family, to see if they were safe after the war.
  • After days of no eating and drink, Fiona passed out
  • Her only thought was to make it to shore – to swim the 500 meters or so.
  • About halfway, her body gave out, and her lungs filled with water.
  • Her Dying thoughts, she still thought only of her family, and prayed to her god.
  • Meanwhile in the ensuing battle, Squad 16 took command of the Kraken’s Fancy, and steered her towards the bay.
  • Cutting off smaller ships and racing out of the bay, they came at odds with another war vessel
  • Narrowly getting through the narrow bay entrance, and taking a lot of damage from running up against a grounded ship, the party escaped Blistonia
  • They fled from the storm cloud of death in the sky, into the open seas.
  • There they discovered a Rune Priest, (Francis) and a Wizard (Craig – Veridian) whom they quickly gave responsibilities.
  • Whilst they were all below deck, the storm crept up on them, unleashing it’s fury and tossing the boat about for hours.
  • When they surfaced, it was nighttime, and they could see wreckage strewn about the now calm waters.
  • In amongst the wreckage, not far from them is the capsized shape of another vessel.
  • Also in the not to distant distance, they can see land… these are not the cliffs of Blistonia.



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