The Blistonia Conflict

The Fall of Blistonia

“……” - .

Tevach was washing in the bathhouse when 3 dragonborn assassins snuck up on him and attempted to end him. Caught naked an unawares he was very nearly dismembered by the crew before they were cut down by Kava and Seven who intervened just in time.

Kaldin and his soldiers departed the Citadel to reinforce a breach to the south, and left Grokduul and Fiona with instruction to defend the Citadel until his return. They left to fetch the rest of the squad and returned to the Citadel, now empty. Seven went to the roof, and found a pedestal with a bunch of gems on it and started to press them. Inadvertently he set off an explosion to the North of the city, killing hundreds of Blistonian troops and destroying the walls, allowing a horde of Orcs to stream in to the city. Infighting began in the northern parts of the city.

Kaldin, astride his dragon, returned from the battle at the south, and left immediately to try and stem the flow of greenskins breaching the city. Alone and unprotected, Kaldin and his Dragon bravely fought and scorched the earth, pushing the Orcs back. A final volley of arrows put down the dragon, and Kaldin also fell – disappearing into the inferno below he had created.

Meanwhile the city walls to the west had also been breached. Squad 16 took it upon themselves to use the pedestal, which Kaldin had expressly asked them not to touch, to try and hold the city. Activating the magic gems, thousands of orcs perished in fire and arcane bursts caused by the pedestal. In a final burst of inspiration, they used the center gem which shattered the pedestal and lit up the city with magical energy and burnt the whole city in a flash of bale-fire. The final act of the city’s magical defenses extinguished the flames and pushed the attackers back.

Squad 16 made a break for it, Fiona leaving for the docks to fid her family in a fishing town to the south. The rest of the squad went to the treasury to loot the city for as much of it’s wealth as they could carry – inflicting many wounds from traps on the way. They made their way to the docks, and commandeered the Kraken’s Fancy.

Behind them, the Orc horde have raised a magical storm, and are intent on catching them in the docks.



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