The Blistonia Conflict

The Daemon House

  • Grokduul fought the magic of the Priests guild, but succumbed – he imagined his escape, all the while it was drainging him, sucking from him his energy
  • Viridian escaped the house, and searched the city up and down looking for Kava. Once they heard they came at a run. Hours had already passed.
  • Whilst in Limbo, Grokduul had learnt that he was in a magical maze, and that it was the construct of a mage by the name of Chambesi. He had created this prison with the help of deamons to suck out magical power from the world, but they had tricked him – it was draining him.
  • Upon their arrival, Kava and Tevach burst into the building and chased a man in the dark, trying to capture him and find information on Grokduul’s whereabouts.
  • They cornered him, and the man ducked in to a side room. Tevach leapt in behind him, only to have the door close and lock.
  • Locked in with the man, Tevach threatened him for information about Grokduul. When Tevach realised he was locked in, the Man, who appeared as a simple peasant, informed him that it was a magic lock, and would only open if he addressed the door as friends, and knew his name.
  • Tevach told the man his name, and the he then addressed the door;
    “We approach as friends, this man Tevach, and I, Chambesi”
  • Chambesi then escaped the prison, freed by creating his replacement. Tevach, much weaker magically, was sucked dry within a minute, and the deamon house shifted planes.
  • Kava, realising the magic, saw through the illusion, but was unable to free Tevach. Looking for another way, he went around the prison and found the room which now held Grokduul. The prison’s spell broken, as it had garnered it’s soul prize, Kava and Grokduul escaped.
  • Kava, distraught that he had left a man behind, stopped Grokduul and they had to turn back – but the hour was late, and Kava had a drop to get to, to exchange gems for gold.
  • They left the city and slept outside – Seven was concerned about the guard presence at night, recognising him for the murder of the men in the park.
  • Upon the morn, they came upon a drunk revenant – Hutura. They proceeded to the Markets together, to sell their stocked rations and plan their next move.



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