The Blistonia Conflict

The Battle for the Northern Barracks

  • Squad 16 moved along the streets, dispersing civilians and rioters, and making a B-line for the barracks.
  • not far from the barracks they came across a squad of veteran Dragonborn High Command, who were being mobbed by a group of civilians, in particular by two large men.
  • Squad 16 raced to the aide of the Dragonborn, but only arrived to the charred remains of the fallen. Fiona was able to heal one of the Dragonborn back to health – Sergeant K something.
  • He stressed that he had been trying to reach the Northern Barracks as well, but had become cut off, and were being harrassed by the people because of his rank and status. They hadnt been able to penetrate the sheer number of people.
  • Kuri expressed the orders that no quarter was to be given to anyone standing in their way. The sergeant took it upon himself to strike fear in to the hearts of the mob by striking at them with lightening. They fled, nearly trampling some of Squad 16.
  • The squad entered the barracks, and find the place filled with the murdered bodies of the soldiers who guarded it. Tevach recognised that there was battle signs of the Orcs, and informed the Sergeant.
  • After cleaning up the place, and re-fortifying it, they set a watch, and rested.
  • At first light, A squad of Orcs attacked. Squad 16 fought valiantly and fended them off, holding the barracks. All over Blistonia, signs of battle were breaking out – Psions reporting in that casualties and sectors have been overrun.
  • The Squad are awaiting orders from High Command at the Citadel



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