The Blistonia Conflict

Terrarium under the Glass Dome

  • Making their way to the markets they sold the surplus of supplies that they had gathered from the ship. The exotic rations went at a great profit.
  • Kava sought out a Tavern, and they rented the whole top floor, and stashed their goods.
  • Looking to upgrade their gear, Kava and Grokduul and Seven found a master arcane smith who bid them to fine additional materials so that he could create the masterwork item Grokduul craved.
  • Setting off with the whole party, they headed east to the forests looking for a particular cave where the Smith’s apprentice had gone missing.
  • They came upon a simple man, Jim, who had been wounded by Bandits. Upon fixing him up, Jim promised them great reward if they were to bring him the ear of the bandit leader as revenge.
  • Venturing in to the forest, the party found the cave – decending in to it’s depths was unnerving. An arcane glow eminated from within.
  • The whole tunnel system of the caves was awash with a crystal/glass surface, the light filtered through it from a bright source, lighting the whole cave in a yellowish gloom.
  • Kava’s party entered an antechamber and were ambushed by Giant Blade spiders. Barely fighting them off, Hotaru was mortally wounded. Kava’s magic was able to restore him.
  • More carefully now, the party ventured deeper in to the caves, harvesting ingredients as they went – Mushrooms that grew on the magical luminescence of the cave walls.
  • Up ahead, the more perceptive of the group spied a small blueish creature, giggling in the dark ahead. When they arrived, all signs of it were gone.
  • They discovered a room which defied the gravity; Seven climbed to the roof and was able to walk about there, without hindrance. Kava harvested more mushrooms.
  • They came upon a room brightly lit with Yellow mushrooms growing straight out of the Crystal. After Kava harvested a good few, he saw an amazing sight – through the floor of the glass he could see fathoms below him, an island in an ocean.
  • Onward, they came upon an abandoned mine staging area. It was covered in the same glass, but Val spotted a door behind the glass. With a swing of his warhammer he attempted to smash his way through the glass. Hundreds of shards flew into him, and the room began to collapse around the party
  • They each ran in different directions. Seeing no option, Seven and Val dived through the hole made in the glass to the door on the other side. Kava, Grokduul and Horaru ran down different passages. The glass passages collapsed behind them barely grazing Hotaru and Kava.
  • Grokduul was not so lucky. His dwarf legs unable to carry him fast enough, the collapsing tunnel overtook him and he was pinned under a large slab of razor sharp glass.
  • With all his strength, Grokduul escaped the glass slab with only minor abrasions, and counting himself lucky he returned to the room to find out the fate of the others.
  • Seven and Val began to excavate their way out of the glass prison that had collapsed around them. Seven caused a small avalanche of glass, barely getting out before a tonne of glass collapsed in his space.
  • Grokduul, Kava and Hotaru convened out side of where Seven and Val were now trapped. Unable to see them through the refractions of the 15 foot of glass-a-lanche, Kava set about performing a ritual to remove the glass and find the fate of their friends
  • Val shouted to the others, and his booming voice set off yet another tumble of glass – this time the wall of glass infront of them pinned them to the wall and both Seven and Val took great blows.
  • Kava restarted his ritual and after an hour they had them out. Behind the door, a drop to a deep pit, perhaps a long ago used mine shaft.
  • Reckoning that this may lead down to the island they had seen below, the party ventured down. Seven went first, and was confronted with a pixie. The Ethereal creature asked him his name, and without divulging any information it left.
  • Kava and Grokduul fell from their ropes, but were lucky with their landings. Bruised but otherwise OK, they pushed on.
  • Wandering the dark shaft for nearly an hour, they came upon the sound of a river. Following it, they came to an entrance where the river flowed over a precipice and into an underground sea.
  • The view that was before them was breathtaking – an underground world. In the ceiling a glittering jewel as bright as the sun lit the cave, and the walls were encrusted with mushrooms of various colors, painting a seascape around the island.
  • The island itself appeared to be the tip of a volcanic crater. There was birdlife, and clouds, and the party could make out wildlife on the island, and more amazing – houses!
  • The blue pixie once again appeared and after a short parley, was wooed enough by the party to take them on a tour of his island – his name was Tarokan
  • Summoning a magical flying rowboat, the pixie flew them around his Terrarium (as he lovingly called it) and told them about it’s history and his favourite parts
  • After a while, it became clear to the party that Tarokan fancied himself as a god of these people and was feeding off them – using the Terrarium to steal their soul power for his own use.
  • Realising the plight of these people, but finding no point in the flight where they’d have the upper hand on the Pixie, the party did not act.
  • After returning to the top of the waterfall (Tarokan now visibly upset that they must leave, and not accepting his hospitality) Kava attempted to tackle him.
  • The ethereal nature of the creature defied him, and Kava was thrown into the rushing river below, and was immediately swept by the rushing tide towards the waterfall’s edge.

more to be added later



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