The Blistonia Conflict

Squad 16 reinforce the Citadel

Moving south from the Northern barracks, Kora lead squad 16 along the docks.

They ran in to a host of Orcs, who were teleported in to the street.

A squad of soldiers rounded the corner, containing Kava and Grokduul who had been missing.

Sgt Kora rounded up the troops and Kuri before heading back north to hold the barracks. Corporal Kava and the rest of Squad 16 headed south back to the Citadel and fought some more Orcs at the gates.

They went in and Fiona gave her report. Grokduul headed upstairs and Spoke with Kaldin about Thornton’s passing.

Tevach headed to the Bath houses to get cleaned up, and he’s been surrounded by assailants.
To be continued…



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