The Blistonia Conflict

Squad 16 cleans up the streets

  • Tevach attempted to sell some of his stolen goods at a Fence, but killed everyone except the door man instead.
  • Kuri and Seven did some research and found some of the decendants of a old slave train that had come from the far west.
  • While Kuri and Seven investigated the Slaver lead, Tevach attempted to fence more goods. He barely escaped after agravating the fence and his guardsmen, but left with a pile’o’loot.
  • Kuri and Seven spoke with an old half-orc, Kaun, who explained to them a little about the society of the Orcs that he remembers.
  • They went to the Intelligence Room, in the citadel and were given new orders – clean up the streets and secure supply lines to the outlying barracks.
  • After some small conflicts with rioters and peasants, they finally made their way to the North Western Barracks.
  • Kuri directly and indirectly lead to the not-so-swift demise of 31 civilians and one rogue soldier.
  • There, the Psion was mortally wounded.
  • Kuri, now tapped in to the Blistonian Psychic Network, called for Aide, and was assisted by a high level healer to restore the Psion to health… almost.
  • Heralding new orders from the Citadel, Squad 16 prepared to march out to the Northern barracks, where all communication had stopped, days ago.



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