The Blistonia Conflict

In the Ashes - Desperate Battle

The ash & smoke billowed and gusted, hanging ominously over all of Mining Town like an omen of impending doom. The roar of the flames and rushing wind was thunderous, as though the gods themselves were shouting with a battle fury to match that of the combatants who struggled mightily in the drifts of ash gathering below…
Donis the Bard – “Tales of adventure in Blistonia- 1st Ed.”

Beneath the roiling clouds of smoke and drifting ash, the Party was set upon by a squad of hardened Goblin commandoes – trained stone-cold killers. They emerged from the murk near-silently, gliding forward with deadly grace and efficiency.

Although initially caught unawares by this assault (and 1 man down, with Seven trapped in the damaged shack) The squad rallied and with firm resolve managed to face down their attackers. Grave wounds were sustained on both sides, with Grokduul nearly falling to a veritable rain of blows – but with valiant effort and no small amount of luck all but one of the attacking commandoes were vanquished, leaving the remaining warrior to flee into the murky shadows.

With no further attacks forthcoming, the squad took time to recover: resting, bandaging wounds and regaining their strength for whatever they would need to face next, until the expected reinforcements could arrive. In this brief interlude Seven finally managed to free himself from the damaged shack and make it to the rendezvous.



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