The Blistonia Conflict

Escape the Terrarium

Holy hell a lot happens in 2 weeks.

  • After escaping Tarokan’s terrarium, they found their way back up the mine into the caves.
  • wandering around they found a room laced with webs which they were not keen to enter – despite seeing shiny objects inside
  • They left the cave after returning to some rooms to collect more mushroom.
  • The party returned to town and laid low for a while. Kava, Seven, and Grokduul collected their enchanted items, and they mostly kept a low profile, picking up the gold drops from Edwin and the gang.
  • On one of the last drops, Edwin revealed that he had a favour to ask. Approaching Grokduul in a tavern he shared that he had an artifact for them to keep safe for them for some time.
  • After a discussion, the party offered to keep it for Edwin, as part of a business arrangement.
  • Kava kept it safe, but the next day Edwin returned, anxious. Haffar was sick, and Bourne was dead. Edwin also did not look well.
  • A fellow by the name of Toox joined them that night – an inquistor, with links to high people and ways to get information
  • Kava and Grokduul like the man straight away, and he joined them on their journey.
  • Viridian did some research, and found that the coin is a cursed item – it’s a Bone Medalion, and infects those who use it with the disease of greed.
  • In his reasearch they found that it was now bound to Edwin and would suck the life from him.
  • They went to the docks, to meet Edwin, and see how Haffa was doing. It ends up not well – upon their arrival, Haffa’s life had expired. Grokduul was tending to the dead when it lashed out at him.
  • Only recently awoken it was weak, and quickly subdued. It was not a good sign, for it meant that Bourne was growing in strength by the day.
  • They rushed to the temple of Kord and had the Priest, Teleserath (Telly to everyone he introduces himself to) smite the medallion. After a struggle, the medallion was contained.
  • Edwin was gravely wounded in the struggle, but he is recovering in the temple. His son, Jim came to his side, and the party recognised this as the man they rescued from the forest a few weeks ago
  • Telly revealed that likely the Medallion had split Bourne’s soul, and he was likely an undead creature now. He cast a powerful detect undead ritual and sent the party to clear it out.
  • The party found the reckoner, once Bourne, now with a small collection of undead. The greedy reckoner was a precarious foe to battle.
  • With the power of Kord they smote a second medallion. Val was briefly infected with the disease, but his pure will and dwarven fortitude helped him beat the disease all of his own accord.
  • That night



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