The Blistonia Conflict

Basic Training

“…she slayed them all, her hammer was the deadly projection of power itself. Aye, I was there! The last one didn’t even have time to blink before she smashed him into a rain of blood. You’ve never seen anything like it! 150 pounds of man, turned into a puddle, aye! And I swear, not a drop so much as touched her…” - Drunkard, regaling the tavern on the execution

Fiona the Cleric, Grokduul the Paladin, Tevach the Rogue, and [Tess’s Char] were conscripted in to the Blistonian military by annual draft. They are all initiates of Squad 16. They were assigned the Psyker Kuri as communications and intelligence adviser.

Their staff sergeant took them to the initiation grounds where the 5 soldiers ruthlessly executed the state’s prisoners as a test of mettle. After cleanup the humans and dwarves went to the tavern looking to relax. Grokduul demonstrated his drinking problem, Tevach his insecurities, Fiona her brawlish nature, and [Tess’s Barbarian] her right hook.

The next morning Squad 16 were up at dawn. They were formally introduced to their Utility attachment, Seven, a recommissioned Warforged left over from the war. The mission was to replace a regiment of troops stationed at the lumber mill, just over 4 days hard march from Blistonia Capital.



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