“…Kaldin raised his great axe and cleft the enemy host two by two. His unit was surrounded and the horns heralded impending doom. With a scream of fury and desperation, Kaldin dove forward in to the surge of marauders. Atop the citadel he in-canted the dragon’s high prayer and summoned Blistonia’s last mighty defense. The bay was awash with the blood of our aggressors for weeks afterward, yet somehow Kaldin and his elite were untouched. It was as if by the gods…” – Chronicles of Blistonia – The Great Invasion

The Blistonia Conflict is a story that follows a ratpack of soldiers fresh out of basic training as they quest across the City-State Blistonia in service of their nation.

After the war raged at Blistonia, the squad, once scattered and now re-united have made new friends and are exploting the new world they washed up upon.

On this portal you’ll find the information about Blistonia, the people of the nation, the history and the lore. We’ll record the characters and the story – and hopefully follow these adventurers for a long and successful journey.

Player Characters Current Places Relevant Info Player Name
== == Current Party ==
Toox Modran-Don, Temple of Kord With Grokduul Peter
Grokduul Modran-Don, Temple of Kord Healing Edwin Matt
Seven Modran-Don, Temple of Kord With Kava Chris
Kava Modran-Don, Temple of Kord Planning to buy an Airship Rolphy
Veridian Modran-Don, Temple of Kord Studying the Reckoners Adam
Val Modran-Don, Tavern Slept through the whole thing Francis
== == NPCs of Note ==
Corporal Clive Custler Jamestown, The Kraken’s Fancy Using the ship to do fishing and errands for Jamestown NPC
Edwin The Fence Modran-Don, Temple of Kord Recovering after a close call with the Reckoner Plague NPC
== Last Seen Lost Characters ==
Kuri MIA – presumed KIA Kuri was last seen defending the North barracks of Blistonia Rolphy
Fiona The Raven’s Fury, Blistonian Docks Heading to the south to find the fate of her family Francis
Tevach Modran-Don, Priest’s Guild Was last seen being taken into the arcane abyss Peter
Hotaru Modran-Don, Tavern Left in the night, whereabouts unknown Peter

The Blistonia Conflict

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